Al Dhafra Workers Village - Abu Dhabi

Company Profile

About the Company
Al Dhafra Workers Village is a private company of MBK Group established in 2011 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Al Dhafra Workers Village is a well-established and specialized service provider of Facility Management, Security, Laundry, Catering Solutions and Services.
The company employs highly qualified management and specialized skilled staff in the field of Facilities Management, Security Services, Laundry Services and Catering Services.
By offering its services throughout MBK projects and facilities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Al Dhafra is involved in providing Facilities Management and other services to residential, commercial and retail developments. These developments include Fujairah Mall, MBK Towers, Green Land, Al Bateen Island & Resorts, Galaxy Cinema in Fujairah Mall and etc.

Our Mission
To position Al Dhafra Workers Village as a market leader in the industry through the delivery of greater Facility Management, Security, Laundry, Catering Solutions and Services which shall exceed client expectations and adhere to global standards.

Our Vision
To set up and grow as an industry leader and inspirational entity across the UAE, where the company will be known for delivering excellent products and services that are driven by novelty, high standards and best practices.

Our Business Philosophy
Our business philosophy is to provide the highest quality services and products on time and within the budget, and to respond to clients need with cost effective solutions & services.
Al Dhafra Workers Village will offer an exceptional level of service and personnel attention by:

  • Proactive approach to dealing with challenges.
  • Submission to and performing within the best industry practices and adhering to demanding quality systems and methodologies.

Al Dhafra Workers Village is a company that rewards its employees of their noteworthy achievements and work to improve company’s workforce conditions and morale by providing regular training and opportunities for career development.