Al Dhafra Workers Village - Abu Dhabi

A-Type Buildings

A-Type Buildings

Floors:4 Floors
Catering Services Filipino/Menu
Cleaning Inside The Room
Curtains & Hangers
Entertainment / Play Room
ID Access Card (onetime Payment)
Laundry Services
Mini Gym
Safety & Security
Shoe Rack
Steel Double Door Cupboard ( 1per 2 Person)
TV & Reading Room

Located in ICAD III near TAKREER (Abu Dhabi Oil Refinery), Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, only 10mts drive from the biggest mall of Abu Dhabi, Delma Mall and Al Noor Hospital , Al DHAFRA WORKERS VILLAGE offers you more choice in terms of location, design and budget. Ensuring to meet the exceeding customer needs and expectations through continual improvement AL DHAFRA WORKERS VILLAGE welcomes you to our eco-friendly residential village where the focus is on Integrity, customer delight and commitment.

The Basic layout of Buildings:


Comprised of 6 identical “Type A” buildings and 2 identical “Type B” buildings for accommodation purpose, AL DHAFRA WORKERS VILLAGE has its own In House Kitchen, Laundry Service, Security Service, Catering Services and Dining Halls.

Building Details & Room Sizes:

A-Type Buildings:

The “A Type” building, which accommodates worker category, having a total number of 159 rooms/building, from which 16 no’s of 9×6 M2 rooms (4 in each floor) can be converted into:

  • Mini Gym
  • TV & Reading Room
  • Entertainment / Play Room

The other rooms will be occupied as shown in the below table.

FLOOR T.Rooms 9 X 6 M2 8 X 6 M2 6 X 6 M2 4 X 6 M2
No. of Person/Room 10 10 10 8
G. Floor 39 4 2 26 7
F. Floor 40 4 6 24 6
S. Floor 40 4 6 24 6
T. Floor 40 4 6 24 6
Total No. of Rooms 159 16 20 98 25
Total Capacity 1540 160 200 980 200


The total Capacity will be 1540 persons.

Typical layout of the floor “A Type”: